Morning session

The topic of discussion will be oriented on: ”Assessment and management of air quality from local to global implications. Shared diagnosis.”

The morning session will involve the European network for air quality evaluation:

This session will present the latest results in terms of European air quality but focus on the existing and still needed tools for integrated assessment in order to evaluate and orient actions for Europe, the states, the territories and the cities: measurement networks on site and with satellites, emission inventories, modeling, economic and social evaluation, optimization, organization scales, governance for shared diagnosis, etc. The link with indoor air quality will be done by the French national Observatory on Indoor Air Quality.

The evaluation of the different health impacts will be tackled by the epidemiologists network APHEKOM the study REVIHAAP/OMS (Review of evidence on health aspects of air pollution) and for the indoor air quality by the European Respiratory Society. A better awareness about the link between air and health («Cleaner air for all») will develop the question about health and air pollution indicators but also their conversion into messages to protect the population and into shared diagnosis which lead to concerted actions.

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Afternoon session

The floor will be given to the different stakeholders involved for obtaining a better air quality ”all for cleaner air”: the European Commission, the states, local authorities and the citizens with also a sectoral approach for the industry, agriculture, transport, etc. The focus will be on concerted actions at every scale based on shared diagnosis taking care of the crossed stakes air-climate-energy.

A balance will be drawn on the European Year of Air: the progress of the reflections concerning new air quality or emissions directives and the events of the European Year of Air who led to a better awareness and an improved cooperation between the different stakeholders.

The closing ceremony will be officiated by the European Commissioner. The other speakers will be a vice-president of Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety from the European Parliament, European ministers of environment and the minister of sustainable development from Senegal who will bring an international outlook. This will cover all the necessary action levels in order to get a ”cleaner air for all”.

→ Consult the detailled draft of the agenda