ASPA - ATMO Alsace is the regional organisation of air quality assessment accredited by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development. ASPA is managed by representatives of the stakeholders involved in air pollution issues : the State, local authorities, emitters industries as well as environmental and citizens’ organizations NGOs and experts. She was founded in 1978, with the aim of measuring first (70s) effects of industrial plumes and then (80s and 90s) road, urban and even rural air pollutions everywhere in Alsace. Since then, its range of activities and its expertise have both constantly expanded thanks to the combined effects of local demand and a changing policy environment. As a result and to complete the measurement network, emission inventories and modelling tools have been developped in order to map and daily forecast air pollution but also to support and assess the impact of regional and local policies.

Since 2000, inventories have been extended to greenhouse gases and energy consumptions in the frame of both energy-climate local action plans and regional scheme for climate, air quality and energy. More information :,

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